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Time is evergreen and we never apart

In this moving September, the company and three lovely partners together to celebrate the birthday, all colleagues and Zhao, Song are sent to the three sincere wishes, Zhao and Song also to the three on the work of praise and encouragement in life.   At the party, everyone sings birthday songs together, blows out candles, […]


Monthly meeting in September

On the afternoon of September 4, our company held a monthly meeting. The family members of the company summarized the work achievements in August, formulated the target plan for September, and held a welcome ceremony for the new members, and all of them were rewarded in different degrees.


Monthly meeting in August

On the afternoon of August 5, our company held a monthly meeting. The company’s small partners summarized the work achievements in July and formulated the goal plan for August. All of them received different degrees of rewards.


The Group Builds The Activity

On May 10th, 2019, the 4th Dinghua House Group Building Activity of our company “Building Bridges with Hearts” was successfully held in Xi’an Zhouzhilou Guantai. Deputy General Manager Song Jingjia, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Weiwei, Business Manager Yin Linjing, Foreign Trade Manager Yang Jing, Trade Union Committee Member Song Min, General Manager of the Office […]



The company is staff member Song Min Qingsheng. Flowers, cakes and gifts were sent to the company’s care for the employees, so that the staff could deeply understand the warmth of the “Dinghua Home”. Feel love in your work and experience warmth in your work. This is the embodiment of the company’s corporate culture.


The 3rd Dinghua Home Group Building Activit

The company’s third Dinghua Home Group’s event “Don’t Forget the Heart, Building a Dream” was successfully held in Xi’an High-tech. The picture above is the style of our staff. In the picture, everyone is showing their prizes in the business knowledge contest.