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East Molybdenum & Rhenium Rare Materials CO.,LTD is ainternational company that engaged in molybdenum, rhenium, vanadium, tungsten, chromium, manganese and other rare strategic metals smelting, deep processing, domestic and international trade over 26 years.In 2013, the company was led by the government to move into Ankang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Shaanxi province, and the government fully supports the enterprise to go international.In 2017, the company completed the import and export revenue generating task of Ankang High-Tech Park.

The main products of the company are: ferro molybdenum, ferro vanadium, ferro chromium, silicon manganese, chromium ore, manganese ore and etc. At present, the company’s annual sales of various kinds of ferroalloy products reach more than 100,000 tons, the annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan.The company has a professional team facing the world, built a perfect global marketing network, and established strategic cooperative relations with a number of large domestic steel enterprises.At present, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium and ferrochrome produced by the company have been exported to Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions.

Now the company has become a strategic partner of Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group, who is a world top 500 enterprises, currently ranks 294;The current cooperation between the two sides is committed to expanding and strengthening on the basis of supply chain model in the field of molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and other metal products, to build a respected international large metal company.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “quality first, honesty first”, adheres to the spirit of “social commitment, sharing and win-win”, and strives to achieve a win-win situation with all partners.

Dinghua History

3rd, Jan, 2006

Developed rapidly and moved to Xi'an.

In 2007, the company’s sales exceeded 100 million. The company moved from Huaxian to Xi’an and changed its name to Shaanxi Dinghua Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

5th, Feb, 2006

Selected as a national industry quota unit in 2007

In 2007, the state implemented molybdenum quota management, and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce twice retired and reported, the listed company Jinmu shares western materials and Shaanxi Dinghua 铼 mo-report, and applied for the corresponding quota.

9th, March, 2009

Cooperation with the world's largest molybdenum company

In 2009, we established a partnership with the world’s largest molybdenum company, Chile MOLYM, and began to develop import and export trade cooperation.

19th, July, 2009

Cooperation with Jindui City, the first Asian company in the molybdenum industry

Cooperation with Jinduicheng, the first company in the molybdenum industry in Asia; METSK, a Korean company, has become a strategic partner and opened a trade window to the international market.

25th, Jan, 2017

Received the honor of “Ankang Import and Export Advanced Enterprise”

At the end of 2016, the company was approved by the Ankang Municipal Government of Shaanxi Province. The Ankang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone introduced the enterprise into the park in the form of headquarters economy. In 2017, it successfully completed the import and export indicators issued by the Hi-tech Zone, and won the medal of “Advanced Enterprise of Import and Export of Ankang City” issued by the Bureau of Commerce of Ankang City Government.

16th, Feb, 2019

Cooperation with Fortune 500 companies

In 2014, it established a partnership with Fortune 500, the world’s top 500 mining giants, and CODELCO (Chile National Copper Corporation).


Dinghua Mission: Respect the heavens and love things, let metal resources coexist with humans

Heaven is the truth, and it makes sense to be respectful. Being a person should do the right thing and follow the right things in the right way. The objective law of the heavens here, that is, the nature of things, respects the heavens, and also contains awe and humility. The so-called god worship is to do things according to the nature and laws of things.

Love things, including everything in the world. The nature we live in, all existence has its laws of growth and its causes. Nothing is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Love itself requires a grateful heart, a kind heart, a kind heart, to treat the ecological environment, and to treat people and things. You can do everything in love with the world, you can call it big love, goodness and water, good morality, and you can only carry all things if you love everything.

Let metal resources coexist with humans. Metal is a scarce resource. If there is no rational benign operation, resources will be exhausted. Our mission is to let the metal resources on which we live can coexist with human beings. As long as human beings exist, metal resources will exist for one day. Because of the existence of Dinghua, metal will have its own value. Metal resources are God’s precious materials, living in harmony with each other, achieving each other, generating each other, and virtuous cycles. Together to create a benign ecological environment for human and metal resources.


Vision: Building a benign ecological environment in the metal industry Become a respected Fortune 500 company

What is a benign ecological environment? It is in the supply chain of the industry that let professionals do professional things and let the professions truly realize through circulation. Dinghua is the integrator of the entire industry supply chain, the builder of the platform, thereby accelerating transactions and accelerating transaction security and services; integrating users to make the industry more competitive and highlighting advantages. Make the whole chain predictable, integrateable, storable, planable, and pre-ordered; let the entire industry chain return to what you are best at, let the profession truly realize through circulation, and do things that are not good at it, good at it. Dinghua helps each other to achieve the ultimate, this is a benign ecosystem.

The existence of Dinghua is a milestone in opening up the integrated metal ecosystem and establishing an industry self-circulation system. Through the continuous circulation of circulation, we recycle more specialized companies and eventually form a benign environment. Use the guidance of financial information professional to complete the establishment of the ecological chain. Let the cash flow, information flow, and capital flow spread quickly. The division of labor in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry is clear, and the enterprises that can use resources efficiently can be brought out, so that the metal industry can advance from the quality.

Dinghua’s goal is to enter the world’s top 500, we will establish industry standards, trading standards, quality standards, credit standards and logistics standards. Let every metal person become excellent, and use the more professional power to truly play and create the value of the metal industry!


Values: sincerity, progress, rules, responsibility

Sincerity: Sincere and sincere, open and honest. Dinghua people must first establish the world with integrity, and move others from the bottom of their hearts to gain respect and trust. And with an open mind, pure heart, because of the real and more confident. The so-called sincerity is to do: the words and deeds are consistent, the truth is no false; the real people are real, and they are self-sufficient.

Intensive: Keep improving and keep making progress. Advancement represents a life attitude and is an interpretation of self-discipline. As a Dinghua person, we need to develop a habit of continuous learning and endless learning so that we can make the sustainable development of individuals and businesses. As a Dinghua, our five advances:

1 Continuous learning

2 Work and life to the extreme

3 Self-discipline

4 full of mission, grateful

5 Optimistic and positive, overcome difficulties.

Rules: The bottom line thinking, whether others have trust and respect for the company, the key is to see whether the company has excellent character, and the excellent character premise is whether the company is disciplined, has a bottom line, and has guidelines.

Rules first represent the standard principle of doing things. As a company or an industry, we must learn to follow the rules before we can formulate rules to lead the industry in compliance and benign. Secondly, the rules represent the bottom line of our principle of being a human being and represent the ability to restrain ourselves. If we are not able to constrain ourselves to stick to our own principles, then we cannot be a noble and respected person and business.

Finally, the rules are our moral standards and the foundation of our work. When we have a foundational awareness, we can only have a mission, not only pay attention to the current gains and losses, know how to choose, understand altruism, and ultimately deep roots!

Take responsibility: dare to take responsibility and courage to face contradictions.

First of all, we need to have the courage to face it, not to evade, not to make excuses, not to shirk our responsibilities. When we can face problems and dare to bear, we will become more powerful and more confident.

It is also necessary to have a sense of responsibility from the bottom of my heart, how much responsibility to bear, and how much return to get. Dinghua has the ambition to integrate the metal industry to achieve the world’s top 500, and must bear the responsibility of this industry. This responsibility is significant. , heavy, and also need to be unwavering. As a Dinghua, the responsibility is the motto that is printed in our hearts.

Responsibility is the state of mind, and initiative is the behavior. To take on the need to have an active attitude, to do what is necessary, to be able to take the initiative, to take the initiative to take the real effort, the true ability. The inability to act will only backfire. Therefore, Dinghua’s role is to keep on making progress and constantly polishing, and more and more courage and responsibility to be the leader in the metal industry!


Professional team

Dinghua has a professional team for the whole world.

  1. 25 years of domestic and international trade experience of rare metals

    The team has been focusing on domestic and international trade of rare metals for 25 years; it is not only familiar with the domestic market, but also has its own experience in the international market, and is more flexible in the import and export trade;

  2. Team talent

    The team is constantly gathering and hiring talents from all over the world with international trade experience; currently there are team members working in Kenya and South Korea.

  3. Cutting-edge information channels

    The team cooperates with MW Metal Weekly, MB Metal Guide, CRU International Co., Ltd. and other related professional information media, and obtains timely and effective information on the global market through exhibitions and foreign branches.

  4. Leading information analysis system

    The team formed a global information gathering and analysis team, the team shouldered the market outlook, price forecasting, cost analysis, etc.; the first time to assist the company to complete a series of business decisions.



Master of Finance
Yinya Zhen
Minister of International Trade (Korea)
Master of International Trade
Jin Bai
General Manager
Bachelor of International Trade
Baocun An
Deputy General Manager
Master of International English
Weidong Bai
Purchasing Manager